What makes Los Angeles Center Studios so special and unique?  We strive to offer our tenants the best of the best, and in an effort to do so we have numerous amenities and services to meet your needs that really make us stand apart from the competition. 

Flix Cafe

Tired of the same old thing every day?  New and different menu options every day of the week.

Bike Lounge

You're a health nut, and we're crazy about that.
The lounge is a great place to secure your sweet ride
and possibly give her a tune up. When you're done,
relax with a game of pool.  You've earned it. 
Be Fit Fitness Center

Need a quick workout and don't have the time?  
A great gym with all the right equipment personalized
 for our specific clientele.

The Park

Need an oasis in the urban jungle?  A walk in the park
may be just what you need to clear your mind.  Enjoy the Bocce ball court, too.

Pet Friendly Campus

We love the tail wagging and unconditional love, too.  Bring your best friend with you, if you work here.

Auto Detailing

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just came, picked up your
key and then dropped it off when your car was clean?  
It happens every day for our tenants!

$20 wash Monday-Wednesday; $25 wash Thursday-Friday

Dry Cleaning

Who has time to take care of dry cleaning?  No need to make time, our dry cleaner will come to your office.  Check that off the list.

350-Seat Theater

Dying to see your favorite film on the big screen again?  Bring it in digital form and you can make it happen.

Conference Rooms

Need a  place to meet that's not in your office?  Our
many different options work for all sizes - and filming needs.

Be Well Spa

Neck and back too tight?  Stressed?  On-site within one hour of your call to perform any and all spa services.

 Starbucks Coffee

Need your tall, half-caff, soy latte at 120 Degrees? No problem.  Stop into Flix and you'll get your fix.