Be Well™ Massage
This popular massage includes a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques customized to your liking. Please communicate clearly with your Practitioner the level of pressure desired.

60 mins - $110 | 90 mins - $150 | 120 mins - $200
An ancient Egyptian method of unblocking energy meridians in your whole body through acupressure massage on special points on your feet & hands.

60 mins - $110 | 90 mins ears + face - $150
Fresh Face Massage
This non-surgical face lift accesses your body’s ability to retain firm, glowing skin through massage of special acupressure pressure points on the face & neck. Must be added on to another treatment.

15 mins - $40 | 30 mins - $70
Express Massage
Focus on a specific are of your body for relief of pain and strain. Must be added on to another treatment.

30 mins - $75
Sports Massage
Maintain limber muscles and healthy joints with this combination of deep massage work, stretching and oscillation.

60 mins - $120 | 90 mins - $160 | 120 mins - $210 
Energy Work
We offer several unique and powerful body -mind therapies designed for your personal needs including,but not limited to: Reiki, Matrix, and Polarity. Please ask about the style you like best if it is not listed here.

60 mins - $100 | 90 mins - $145 | 120 mins - $190
Professional Hair & Makeup
Professional hair and makeup for special events.

60 mins - $150

Body Polish
The skin is the principle organ of your body. Dry brushing improves your skin’s condition by increasing circulation and activating intrinsic moisturizers. Full body exfoliation is followed by a sixty or ninety minute Be Well Massage with aromatherapy oils.

90 mins - $175 | 120 mins - $220 
Warm linens envelop your body as you soak in aromatic and therapeutic essential oils. After a deeply calming rest your muscles are warm and prepared to receive a sixty or ninety minute full body Be Well Massage..

90 mins - $175 | 120 mins - $220 

The Ultimate Wrap
This divine treatment includes the best of everything! Your skin is treated to a thorough dry brush exfoliation and application of anti-aging serum. Next, warm herbally infused oils are applied to your whole body. Then you are swaddled in warm linens and melt into the heat while your Practitioner massages your feet and head for thirty minutes. A sixty or ninety minute full body Be Well Massage completes this amazing experience.

120 mins - $230 | 150 mins - $275
Hot Oil Head and Neck Treatment
A warm, luxurious formula including wheat germ, geranium, and jojoba oils is dripped onto your hairline. A detailed massage follows, nourishing and relaxing the scalp and neck muscles. Must be added to another treatment.

15 mins - $40 | 30 mins - $70
Lower Leg and Feet Treat
Soak in a warm restorative mineral bath and then enjoy an exfoliating scrub and detailed massage of your feet, calves and knees. Must be added to another treatment.

45 mins - $85 | 60 mins - $115


Be Well™ Facial
This classic facial is customized for your skin and includes deep cleansing, gentle exfloation and a clarifying masque.

60 mins - $100



The following services are available on the set, in the office or at a party.
Chair Massage
Makes an excellent gift for relief of pain associated with long hours on the set or at the computer! The 10 minute minimum per person usually covers the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms & hands.

2 hrs - $300 | 4 hrs - $500 | 8 hrs - $1000
Cast and Crew Table Massage
Skillful hands help restore balance and vitality in the privacy of a trailer with a customized blend of techniques.

1 hr - $175 | 1.5 hrs - $260
Cast and Crew Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Laughter Yoga
Keep fit and connected with a healthy self during a session tailored to your specific goals.

2 hrs - $275
Be Well Spa Parties
The perfect wrap party or vehicle for client and associate appreciation. A variety of services are available for this unique addition to any event.